Funds Administration - Products & Services

Initial Project Review

Our construction risk management team and funds administrators will review the principal’s initial budget presentation, including a review of the contract, design and specifications, to help determine a project’s financial forecast and viability.  Our knowledge and experience in the accounting and construction fields allows us to more closely evaluate and monitor the project's success.

Funds Administration

Funds administration is a service whereby the principal’s accounts payable functions are outsourced and administered on a per project basis.  The service offers the surety, developers, contractors and subcontractors combined assurance that the project funds received are properly distributed against realized project expenses.  This service can also provide the transparency that can lead to additional comfort to allow the surety to expand a principal’s bonding program.  Each outside funds proprietor has its own insurance and fee structure and is not owned or controller by Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Loss Mitigation

Funds disbursement helps to ensure that funds are properly managed for each specific project.  By managing the project funds, early detection of potential problems can help minimize the possibility of payment disputes, subcontractor performance issues and ultimately claims.